The Renaissance Castle

Since its construction, over 360 years ago and apart from a few additions and modifications during the last centuries, Beaufort’s Renaissance Castle has never suffered any damage and has remained virtually unchanged.

It was built by a major Luxembourger, Jean Baron de Beck. Born in 1588 in Luxembourg-Grund, Jean Beck was the son of a riding messenger of the Luxembourg Provincial Council from Saarburg in Lorraine, France, and departed from a humble background to make a fantastic military career.

Today, the prestigiously furnished interiors as well as the flourishing gardens, the surrounding stables and the distillery are maintained  in the same condition as they used to be when its last owners and residents were still living in the castle.

Anne Marie Linckels-Volmer died on 8 August 2012 at the age of 97. After the death of her husband, she acted as the last veritable “chatelaine” of Beaufort for over 37 years. Anne-Marie Linckels-Volmer left “her” castle in perfect condition for the government and the public. All interiors remain as they had been during Madame Linckels-Volmer’s lifetime.